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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fun weekend! Girlfriends, Chickens, and the Lawn Ranger

It has been awhile I know, this is how my life is. With two full time jobs, family, chickens, garden, animals and house to take care of, and then my LOVE of making cards and crafts, sometime TIME is my biggest problem. and that is why I post so many at once sometimes and other times it may be weeks before I can post just one! I did get busy this weekend! I LOVE the girlfriend stamps and haven't use them for a long time, hope you enjoy them!

 this one reminds me of an old neighbor I was a little bit heavy on the "sunburn" though

 special order card

 I love my chickens they make me laugh!

 and the Girlfriends well they are always a hoot!!

This could have been me friday night :)